Monet Art Project

This month my students are learning about Monet. Since Water Lilies is one of his most famous collections, I wanted to do a project that would revolve around replicating this collection. I decided that pastel chalks would best work to mimic his paintings.

Talk to your child about Monet’s art work, tell them his life story, show them pictures of his work. If possible, take him to a gallery or museum where his art is on display.

What you will need:

– a box of chalk (make sure that it has light green, blue yellow, and pink chalk in it)

– a glue stick

– a pencil without a rubber eraser on the end

– white tissue paper (cut it up for your child into small squares)

– yellow tissue paper (cut it up for your child into small squares)

– white card stock

Explain to your child that you will first show them how to do it, and then after they can do it on their own. Make sure that after you show them, you give them the independence and liberty to do their own work! This is their art project.

The first step is to place the blue chalk on its side and rub it all over the paper.

The second step involves repeating step one with the green chalk.

Step three is taking yellow chalk and doing the same as you did in step one.

Finally, rub the pink chalk the same as in step one.

Now you are going to take your green chalk and show how to draw and color in a small ellipse form to create lily-pads. You can create as many lily-pads as you want, in whatever placement you want.

The finishing touches are to take a square of the yellow tissue paper and wrap it around the end of your pencil.

Rub glue on the bottom of the pencil that is now covered with tissue paper and place it on your picture wherever you choose.

Slowly withdraw the pencil straight up.

Now take a small piece of white tissue paper, repeat the process as written above with the yellow tissue, and place small white pieces of tissue paper, one at a time, around the yellow square.

Do as many of these small flowers on your paper as you wish, in my photos you will see that I did three.

Now you have a beautiful art project that replicates a Monet!


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